Meet Our Students - #TBT Edition: Ahmed Al Ghazali

Meet Ahmed.

Ahmed is an alum of Platform by Per Scholas’ very first Quality Engineering class. In this #TBT Edition of “Meet Our Students”, we will introduce you to one of our most memorable graduates.

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Before enrolling at Platform by Per Scholas, Ahmed's journey begins in Yemen. After completing his undergraduate degree, Ahmed began a career in Software Development and Implementation. For 6 years, he'd worked and excelled in his positions until he had the opportunity to move to the United States. Upon arriving in the US, Ahmed remembers, “there were multiple barriers that prevented me from finding a job”. “The longer it took, I realized that the theoretical ‘gap’ everyone speaks of became my reality. This gap hindered my ability to find employment and widened as time passed”.

Without a degree from an American university or relevant work experience, Ahmed struggled to find employers willing to consider him as a qualified candidate for the roles he wanted. His job search became increasingly difficult and as more time had passed, Ahmed changed his approach. Ahmed became an entrepreneur and invested his energy into training programs that would validate his skills and prepare him for tech opportunities.


After a few years, a few false starts and "the gap" widening further, Ahmed then learned about Platform by Per Scholas and his journey with the program begins here. Ahmed applied for the Quality Engineering program in New York in June 2017 and enrolled in our inaugural class in July. A few months later, Ahmed graduated and immediately joined our team as a Teacher’s Assistant to help our following cohorts succeed similarly.

Ahmed loves Platform by Per Scholas programs because “the curriculum teaches valuable skills and introduces technologies that give us a competitive edge. The instructors and staff are invested in my success and it’s made a tremendous difference in my life”.

Similarly, Ahmed applauds Cognizant for investing in Platform by Per Scholas programs. "Cognizant identifying this need in the workforce (jobs for local talent), the needs of their workplace (to hire qualified local talent) and partnering to create this program is smart. This support goes beyond local communities. Cognizant is thinking about the future and these strides will not only help individuals that need it but actively benefit the economy."

Ahmed officially joined Cognizant as an employee a few weeks after graduation in 2017. Since joining Cognizant, Ahmed has expressed how grateful he is to have been part of the program Ahmed works as an Automation Engineer and travels throughout the United States on client projects.